Lucas Oil Modified Series is the FIRST to Legalize Fuel Injection
for Saturday Night Circle Track Racing!

EFI System Running and Testing

Check out the new video on the #5 Lucas Oil Modified running and fully functional with Comp Cam's FAST EFI System!

News Release

Welcome to Fuel Injection Racing Association (FIRA) an organization designed to change the future of circle track racing both asphalt and dirt. Organizer and long-time automotive expert, engine machinist, and circle track racer Dave Arce is committed to changing the way we race in this 21st century. For too many years, racing organizations and racers have accepted the “Status Quo” of 50 year old technology and carbureted engines to power our race cars. The old engine foundation of the Chevy, Ford and Chrysler engines have served their purpose wonderfully, but it is time for circle track racing to sail into the future. The engine foundations available today, both old and new technology, can be enhanced by a simple solution called fuel injection. We racers and race organizers have neglected to realize that this is, and will be the next step into the future for our racing. Fuel injection is more efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and able to reduce our racing operation costs.

Along with the FIRA fuel injection program, FIRA will also include the use of the GM cast iron block 4.8-6.2 engine. For the past year, Dave Arce has been working on a master plan to introduce this engine. It will be one of the greatest improvements to circle track racing in 20 years. The performance design, building, testing and proving of the GM cast iron block 4.8-6.2 engine known as the Generation III of the LS family is complete. For ease of communication, Dave has identified this engine as the LQ9 which GM used as the performance engine in trucks. The LQ9 is nothing more than the 21st century design and replacement engine for the GM Generation I engine such as the 283-350. The general design is a perfect fit to replace the Generation I engines with all the new technology. Keep in mind that no Generation I engine will be left behind, though it can also be fitted with the FIRA fuel injection.

The LQ9 was approved and raced in the Lucas Oil Modified Series on the west coast for one full year. Original testing was approved with a carburetor and an MSD controller. The engine was found to be a total of 30% less expensive for the build and maintenance of the package, which also included the use of unleaded 91 octane fuel. Engine performance was as much or greater than the other competitor engines in the series. Testing of the FIRA fuel injection system is currently in negotiations and is expected to be completed soon.

Our goal here at FIRA will be to create, implement, support, and maintain a standard set of fuel injection and engine rules that can be used by any FIRA sanctioned track across the United States. Details about the FIRA organization will be released in the near future.
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